Wear Your Heart On Your Ears

Happy 2020 you guys! I don't know about you, but I love Christmas and New Years. Especially now I'm all grown up, married and have a gorgeous little boy, any time where we can get together with friends and family, eat great food and relax, is my jam.

Then comes the summer holidays, which until last week were just lovely and quite uneventful. Monday I ended up in Emergency with agonising back pain. Tuesday night some losers in a stolen car hit our car and two others. Wednesday my son projectile vomited over me, my mum and the leather couch! 

They say bad luck happens in there's, so hopefully that's it lol!

I've also been busy designing and making some new earrings for you guys! Lots of glitter, love hearts, kindness, lightning bolts and retro glamour. Let me know what you think!