Style Icon: Edie Sedgwick

So I first discovered Edie Sedgwick because of Lou Reed's song "Walk on The Wild Side".  Although I didn't really understand the lyrics as a kid, I just loved the song.  And then when I got older, I started reading about The Velvet Underground (who are one of my favourite bands to this day), Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick.
Edie was a New York socialite, from a very wealthy family, but she had a very troubled life that included mental health issues and drug addiction.  She started off as a model, and was considered one of the It Girls of the 1960's.  Edie was a close friend and Muse of Warhol, and appeared in some of his short films.  The press started focusing on Edie, reporting on her unique personal style, which often consisted of black leotards, stripey sailor-inspired tops, mini dresses, heavy eye-makeup and large chandelier earrings.
Sadly, Edie passed away at age 28, having recently relapsed with her drug addiction.  She made such an impact in popular culture, with Bob Dylan, Primal Scream, Lady Gaga and The Cult all writing songs about her, and Sienna Miller playing Edie in the movie "Factory Girl".
I personally have been a huge admirer of Edie's style, and often include a nautical influence in my looks, along with that whole 60's, downtown feel.  I will wear our Blue Glitter Boat Earrings, Red and Blue 60's Drop Earrings and the Blue Wishbone Earrings to get my Edie look.